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3D Ensemble

3D Ensemble is a responsive web-based/mobile multi-tenant inventory application designed for utility service companies such as water and sewage. Ensemble keeps inventory in check with configurable purchase and work order processes with extensive reporting.

Key features for 3D Ensemble are:

  • Purchase Order (Replenish Stock)
  • Work Order (Consume Stock)
  • Customer Estimates (Reserve Stock)
  • Customer Direct Invoicing
  • Stock Min/Max Alert
  • User Level Security / Approvals
  • Data Integration (Accounting/Billing)
  • Bar Coding

3D BillSite

3D BillSite is a web-based collections application focusing on real estate tax collection and reporting, but can be easily configured to collect virtually any municipal fee such as garbage and Per Capita.

Key features for 3D BillSite are:

  • Bar Coded Invoices
  • User Level Security
  • Automated Data import Services
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Web Service Integration
  • Paperless Billing