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Custom Software Development

When an off-the-shelf software package does not quite fit how your business works, custom software development is the best way to align business and process. Our many years of software development experience can provide you solutions in one or all of the following areas:

  • Web/Mobile Application Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Integration/Web Service Development
  • Database Construction/Tuning/Programming


Data Conversion:

If you are moving to a new platform or simply upgrading, data transformation and conversion is key for a successful project:

  • Relational data conversions
  • Data Cleanup
  • Finance / Accounting expertise


IT Project Management:

Projects are how things get done, but getting things done can be a nightmare when multiple parties are involved, the budget is tight or the schedule is even tighter. We have a long history of running successful projects both large and small in all kinds of organizations across several industries. Our project management experience offers you:

  • Leading of Projects and Programs
  • Leading of Projects and Programs
  • Project Rescue
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Executive reporting and communication
  • Organizational PMO guidance


Agile Transformation / Coaching:

When managing a software development team, efficiency and performance are key to getting the best value to your customers. Educating your organization in lean and agile practices will ensure your customers get exactly that. We have experience in many methodologies and certifications in Scaled Agile, the leading agile framework at scale. Here are ways we can "agilize" your organization:

  • Agile Transformation and Coaching
  • Agile Staff Augmentation
      Scrum Master
      Product Owner
      Release Managers


Software Assessment/Health Check:

On occasion you want to know if your organization is healthy and running smoothly from both a systems and process perspective. Are your systems up to date, scalable, efficient, and are they able to talk nicely to other systems either on your grid or with external customers? Are the processes for requesting and fulfilling work running as they should? Is your organization structured properly to allow these all to be working at their best? We have been involved with many of these types of engagements and have been able to help customers pinpoint bottlenecks, avoid unnecessary operating costs, and become an overall healthier organization that their customers benefit from as a result. Here are some of the areas we will help:

  • Overall software and architecture review
  • Development lifecycle and Business Process
  • Organizational Agility
  • Customer feedback/Satisfaction